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Why is Life difficult without Money?

Money is a good visitor to have at any time in life. When you have money in your pocket or bank account, your worries are less or over. Most worries today are attributed to money related concerns in the society.

Money is equally vital to human existence in life due to the fact that we need it to solve or resolve several issues.

The wheel of life is rolling perfectly well with money as the oil or grease that kept it on.

Today, money is the medium of exchange in America or elsewhere in the world. Because money is crucial to the economy, each nation has her own currency with identity and audacity. The money spent in United States of America [USA] is named Dollar$ .As a result of its value and audacity, the America dollar is quiet unique in both design and value to any other currency in the same category in the international market.

The Americans are proud of their Dollar in the arena of currency or spending something of value. And because America Dollar$ is of high value in foreign exchange, both the Americans and other people love to have it for transactions in the market.

 As Dollar is for the Americans, likewise we have Naira# for the Nigerians.

Why is money so crucial among the races of the world today?

This is a question loaded it meaning for reasons. Everybody is seeking for money in one way or the other because it is important and of high value to our economic activities in the society. Money is vital to the economy. In fact, most economic activities focused on money or because of money in the real sense of it.

Money is important, that is the main reason why everybody including the American is in search of it. Meet any one today outside or on the road or in the village and asked what they are looking for?

Money is what everybody is in search of on daily basis. People work for money. Men from other countries of the world are seeking for American Visa Lottery simply because of the American Dollar to enjoy indirectly.

We all need money to make purchases or enjoy services that we desire in life. Without money, living becomes difficult. Those who have money have access to good living and better life. People refer to stay in places where there plenty of money to enjoy or have access to. A place of money is a place of people. Where people are, you can find money. People do not stay for long in a city where money is scare or not circulating well.

Money means are lot to the people. We cannot do without it. Those that have money have access to good to good living and better life. Living becomes extremely tedious and highly difficult to cope with in the absence of money.

Also, our economic activities have value attached. And to enjoy value, you need money for the exchange. That is why people everywhere are searching for money because it is the only ticket to enjoying value.

If you do not have money, you will be tagged the status of a poor man. In the plane, only those with enough money are made to sit at the first class immediately after the pilot’s apartment. Others are given the Economy class to sit with the comfort attached. Money Speaks, Ego talks! Money has value. Money gives status as well. ’’May God allow me to have Money plenty’’ the common prayer when we were kids in years back.

Money gives the identification or status to both individuals and the country as well. Money can determine your strength, power or ability. Those with money do not suffer good things of life expect when they lack the wisdom to manage things prudently.

If you do not have money today, you may be regarded as half dead in some places. If you lack money, things may be hard for you. Without money, you may not have food to eat or a place to lay your head.

Without money, your child can not enjoy sound and highly qualitative education. The soup that is sweet, Money made the Taste!

Lack of money makes people to be miserable!

You need money as a reasonable citizen of this country. There is nothing bad in seeking money if you desire to eat good food as a person in life. Seeking money online or offline legally is ok!

But to be factual, if you must have money, strife hard to have it in a legally. If you love peace of mind!

Today, the Americans wake up daily in search of money. People are seen at bus stops very early in the morning or late in the evening, all in the name of money. At night, when other is fast asleep, some people have murdered Sleep for money sake!

From observation, those who stayed under the rain selling or in the scorching sun working are not crazy at all. It is money that made it so.

What are men and women up to? The majority of those that you are meeting on the streets are out in search of money or about to spend the money they got. The rat race is the race after money or in pursue of money in our country on daily and regular basis.

Everybody is involved in the struggle for money! Both the young and old have realized the crucial need for money. Money matters to everyone anywhere on a more realistic note!

Money is seriously needed by the government and the people in general. People travel far distance solely because of money. The spirit of money is strong. The touch of money could be seen in so many places around.

The traces of money could be fished out from many of our daily activities today.

Money remains one of the motivational factors that is propelling most of our people to doing what they do.

Can you imagine, the Holy Bible says:

‘’Money is the Answer to all things’’

Yes, nothing physical can be done or achieved economically without money involved both in America or Nigeria. Without money, people are rendered useless and helpless in a way. That is the situation for now everywhere in the world. Money is been made to rule or dictate the pace of things in the actual sense.

We all need money to keep thing going if we are serious about experiencing a meaningful or better life under heaven.

The question now is, if money is so crucial to our existence, how do we get enough of it? What is the secret to having money?

What are the right ways to getting money for a good living that is legal and stress free?

Where is the Money that the Americans are in search of on daily basis?

Why is money running away from the reach of the Americans?

Why are you not rich as an individual?

What are the reasons for not having enough money to meet obligations or responsibilities today as a husband or father?

Why is life difficult without money?

Yes, it is good to have money in millions or billions. It is good experience to be a millionaire or billionaire. I too enjoyed having money in plenty ways possible.

Those who are lucky to have plenty of money in their abode are very fortunate among the plenty of people around. I heard sometimes ago that only the Millionaire and Billionaire that are really the living; the rest people are just managing life!

Money is an issue. Money remains the issue as well! Money is good and bad master. Money is a serious matter in the world among our people. Money is a serious matter. It could be the bone of contention too!

Both the old and young are going about finding solution to money related problems that several people are tackling in other to fish out where money is in the society today.

Why is money so scarce to that extent?

Why is money hiding from the people?

Money has wings really! Money is flying away like the bird. Money is getting out of reach of the common people across the nation. Why must that be?

The reasons are not farfetched. Today, people do not have money because they failed to engage in the right things that produce tons of money to enjoy with. Money making eludes several people simply because most people failed to understand what money making is all about.

If you do not have enough money to meet obligations despite your constant struggles on daily basis; Check it fast and now, you may be doing what money hates.

Money is like a beautiful lady that needs to be woe to your side. You need to attract a woman to get her attention.

Money needs to be attracted to your side if you mean business.

Money will never be your guest if you failed to know or understand how to attract it. Look, money will kept running away from you with that wrong approach that you vividly demonstrate all the time. Those who lack financial intelligence or wisdom will not have reasonable money that will be adequate for obligations.

If you do not master thing that fetches money, you will stay long outside without any testimony or relief. Magnets do not struggle to grab metal objects! You need money-magnet to catch-up with money.

It is extremely easier to catch plenty of fish with fishing net inside river than a string.

Really, you need a money collecting-net like that of Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Aliko Dangote. Money will never run away from those who have the right ropes that can tie it down like the anchor. Money is usually running after those who have the pulling magnet that works. Money is a regular visitor to the house of those people who understand correctly the principles of money making in both theory and actions. The vulture could only be found where carcasses are residing.

          If you do not want money to run away from you, start doing things that attracts money wherever you find yourself.

Look, you may be in USA and still be poor if you should fail to attract to attract money to your life.

However, the best discover and fasted way to attract or make money anywhere in the world is simply to: Start Selling Something! That the 3s to getting money today. Those who have something to sell to the world do have money!

If seriously you desire money to be your constant and regular guest, begin to sell a product or service that meet needs.

Therefore, if you desire to become rich and have tons of cash to live with, start selling something. Money will never run away from those selling something in the society. You just need to sit down and think deeply on something to sell to people around you to get the money you want. Sell is the right route to the City Of Money

Friend, without selling your knowledge, skill, time, resources, ideas, products, services etc.; you will remain poor like others. Those who learn to Sell and Sell in a big way do not complain about cash or money. You just have to give selling business a deeper consideration if you are serious enough. Money usually stays with sellers not consumers.

Money can be discovered where selling takes place.

You can find money on the streets, home or city where the art of Selling is taking place Sharp! Sharp!!

Money online or elsewhere is all about selling something in a big way to people. The only way to make money that is real and authentic is to: Start Selling Something to People

Until I was able to realize this secret, Money has since become a regular visitor to me on daily and regular basis. Money never runs away for those who have something to sell to the world!


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