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Why is Life difficult without Money?

Nothing is as difficult as not having money

The Writers' Voice

Money is a good visitor to have at any time in life. When you have money in your pocket or bank account, your worries are less or over. Most worries today are attributed to money related concerns in the society.

Money is equally vital to human existence in life due to the fact that we need it to solve or resolve several issues.

The wheel of life is rolling perfectly well with money as the oil or grease that kept it on.

Today, money is the medium of exchange in America or elsewhere in the world. Because money is crucial to the economy, each nation has her own currency with identity and audacity. The money spent in United States of America [USA] is named Dollar$ .As a result of its value and audacity, the America dollar is quiet unique in both design and value to any other currency in theā€¦

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