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Those Who Wear Crown Have Head

By Dr.Smart Oyedotun Oyejide

How will you get to the top in life if you get stranded or hooked up alone the way? If you must wear the crown, you must have a head to put it on. Those who wear crown have head! According to popular Yoruba adage that says: ‘’If you have a cap without a head to put it is useless”

When you are running a race and fall down or stumble; you don’t stop at the spot instead, you rise and continue as a good athletic. Success and progress is only in continuity not in waiting, stopping or folding hands doing nothing in particular.

Do not have negative feelings about whatever you may be passing through at the moment. Life experiences are never stable. All things work for good for those who have solace in God. Every disappointment may be a blessing if you care enough to face the ordeal of life with patience and humility.

Look, the successful ones that you see or hear about today were once victims of life issues sometimes ago. Every successful person has a story or testimony of the terrible or odd past like you too. Those on the top of the ladder today were once at the bottom before. They experienced one thing or the other when climbing the ladder, but endured every situation to be a winner.

If you keep doing something all the time; nothing will stop you from becoming something sooner or later! Success will reach or meet you if you do not stop on the way to victory for any reason.

Every day, we are moving near something that will change our stories! The best are ahead for us to experience. Imagine, I kept writing and reading daily when I was six years old. And today by the grace of God, I became a writer, author, publisher, preacher and internet guru. All because I kept doing something related to reading and writing without getting discouraged in the face of challenges and odds of life too numerous to mention. I do not have any regrets doing what I kept doing for years. I am happy that God made it worked out for good.

You cannot become anything in life without doing something really. What you do for long will determine what you will eventually become. If you kept talking, you are likely to become a talkative.

If you must be, you must face it squarely! Whatever you love to be, you must face it well and persist in doing it day in day out.

Success is never against persistence or staying put until a good result emerged. Winning the challenges of life is possible for those who are patient and avoid over reacting when ugly situations arises. Quitters never win; Winners never Quits!

Today, people are not fulfilled because they are not focused or noted for a particular thing for long. They got discouraged and sleep off in their discouragement. If life proved stubborn to your experience, you should not let go.

You do not walk out of a match and win the trophy, never!

You need to prove stubborn and adamant at a higher degree than what life is presenting to you sometimes. You should develop hard skin to life arrows thrown at you. Tough times do not last, but tough people do!

Only those who are able to fly above obstacles that are referred to as “Graduates of Life”

If that problem does not stop you; you will soon be a master of it. Failures when managed well make us masters of how not to do it wrongly.

Your problem can make you a master or victim. It depends on your approach.

You have what it takes to win like others, if you can be stubborn enough.

Resist the devil and it will start running away from you. No problem is good enough to stop you from reaching your goals in life. If you do not reach the final class, you will never become a graduate; therefore do not allow anything to hook you.

Are you faced with life problem? Okay! Get God your creator involved. It is not wise to fight life battles without supports! Make up your mind to see the back of whatever is confronting you at the moment. The red sea will soon pave way for you if you can persist and resist the hardship.

If you can do the right business; put good ideas and insights to work; invest in the things of value; sooner or later, you will become rich. You will have money to spend. You will have and become someone to be proud of.

Take a step of faith that can make things work for you. Poverty will turn away from you if you can be hardworking and wise. What are you doing that will keep poverty away from your side? How are you managing time and resources that comes your way today? How serious are you about prudent spending, savings and investments? Are your assets greater than your liabilities? Do you have real estate’s anywhere?

What you do now or have will determine your status and experience few years to come. ‘’Blessed is the man who is diligent in his duties, for he shall stand before kings and not mere men’’

Where you will be in five years’ time is in the making now! Those who will spend their eternity in Heaven or Hell are speedily working towards it by whatever they are doing with their lives on daily basis. Those who kept breaking the laws and living a corrupt life have the tendency of ending in jail if failed to change. What you do with life tells what your status will be.

Success, getting rich, having peaceful marriage life or becoming something in life is not by desire alone. It is by putting the right things in place all the time and working towards it on daily basis. Achievements are attached to doing things correctly. How you are making today will determine how your tomorrow will be. If you must be a success, do not stay from the successful people. Success begets success!

If you must be rich, invest all you have now; your time, money, skills, energy, experience, knowledge, ideas, resources etc.

Do not shy away from taking as many risks as possible. Do not run away from doing business. Do not have a wrong perception about investment. It is good to be an investor. You cannot be financially free without investing or doing business. No venture, No Gains! Learning early in life how to manage money, spurn –spend it all attitude is the best habit to cultivate.

It is what you are doing that will determine what you will be or experience latter. If you are doing what is right now, you will experience right things latter.

It is what you sow today that you will reap tomorrow. No cheating with nature. We are products of our actions.

Friend, do not allow anything to stop you from reaching your destiny in life.

Several things will crop up to disturb you along the way to discourage you from forging ahead. Problems of the moment will attempt to make you abandon the project called ‘Life’. You should be in-charge. Do not permit anything to seize the steering from your hands. The destination is only few miles ahead.

To be in the hall of fame required strong will, determination, and doggedness. Nothing of value is without an effort or a price attached. You cannot be a Professor or university don, without reading, researching and digesting several books in your area of specialization. Anything less will make you a laughing stock. Real academic professors are sound in their field of specialization. You do not become a professor overnight. You work towards it. The same is applicable to other facets of life. You have to earn your crown of success with hard work, prayers, determination and God’s involvement. You need to be highly disciplined to become a disciple or an Apostle or anything in life. Success entails a lot of inputs. You have to pay a price if you must become anything under heaven. If you do not realize this on time, your labor will be completely being in vain.

If you must wear the crown of success in life, you must not permit anything to stop or delay you from reaching the location where your crown of glory is placed.

Equally, you must ensure that nothing cuts off your head along the way. It is stupid to have crown without a head. Simply because, those who wear the crown have head to put on.

Some are so foolish to have their heads cut off in the process of claiming a crown to wear. I hope you are not one of them. Learn to play the game of life with wisdom and better understanding. Do not be a fool in any way.

Our Lord Jesus Christ is the best example for those who desire success. Jesus Christ did not allow the Devil [Satan]-the enemy of God and progress to stop him from completing the work of Redemption on the Cross of Calvary. All efforts of the Devil were proved wrong by Jesus Christ-the Savor!

At last, Jesus Christ won the battle with a big crown of victory from God. Be like Jesus Christ; allow nothing to stop you from reaching the destiny for the glory of God.

 Those who can run the race well enough and reached the final-line will lift the Trophy and wear the medal of gold designed for winners.

You Can Better Your Life

Do Something to Be Something


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