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The Joy Of Owing A Business

If you failed to have a business you will suffer financially

The Writers' Voice

TheJoy of Having a Business in Life
cannot be measured
! One of the mostcrucial things a person must own so as to
survive economically is a small business or an enterprise. (Life appears better
and more enjoyable when you establish a Company of your own and operate it

I said
somewhere on 5th April, 2008 when presenting a seminar paper on the tips for
starting and operating successfully small business that:”if you
don’t own a business, you don’t own anything”
. No person was bold enough to argue or
contest my statement.

Whether you agree or not, you don’t own a
business, you don’t own anything and you can’t experience the real joy of
having an enterprise. Yes, whatever we own gives us joy. They make us feel
somehow. If you have a good car, you experience the joy attached to owning or
riding a…

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