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100 Nigerians who desire Daily Money Making Experience like Rainfall
for 365 days Non-stop….! (Daily Money Maker)

        If you are sick and tired of inadequate cash flow this report is for
you – especially if you want to make massive sums of money on a daily

     My name is Elder (Dr.) Smart Oyedotun Oyejide. I’m in the
business of helping others succeed with the fear of God attached. I’m

a full-time infopreneur. If this is your first time hearing
“infopreneur”, it means that I earn a living creating and selling
information products like manuals, eBooks, special reports, software
CDs, organizing seminars, etc.
     My interest is softly in making people financially free and
achieving success fast by the grace of God. I write as a columnist for
Sunday Newswatch and Ounko voice newspapers (Wealth Insights and
Financial Heritage pages).  You can read more about me @
       I’m the author of “How to Attain Financial Success” and I’m
also the author of “Discovering Hidden Wealth” these are just two (2)
out of the 70 information products that I make money from.
 All these products fetch me money round the clock.
    However, for 14 years now, I have been making money everyday no –
stop through some systems that I discovered by the grace of God. To be
candid, these systems are unknown to Carlos Slim Helu, Bill Gates,
Warrant Buffet, Donald Trump, Aliko Dangote, Jimoh Ibrahim or the
Banks. Whao!
          It’s not an overstatement, most of those I mentioned may be
making money, but the fact is that they have not been making their
money every day but on the average Daily. However, my system makes me
money daily non-stop including  Sunday and Public Holidays. Even if it
rains throughout the day, the system still earns me money. Not that
alone, the crisis in town or break-down of social activities does not
stop the cash flow. Wonderful!
          This fact I’ve kept confessing everywhere that Daily Money
Making Non-stop possible. Here is an extra of what I wrote inside the
Nigerian Tribune Newspaper published on December 28, 2007, and January
6, 2008: “I make money Everyday non-stop by the grace of God. I never
planned for a lack of money and I have experienced it. There will
always be money for me somewhere. Also inside success Digest (SDE)
issued on May 31, 2010. I confessed openly how I make money daily like
          How do you make money every day? How can you multiple
streams of income that can meet your daily financial needs and
obligations? This is the primary objective of this report. I want to
Share with you:
Systems that fetch me Money Daily and Regularly Non-stop (Daily Money Maker)
For the past 12 years. Between 2005 – 2009: (Every 365 days including
Sundays and public holidays). Here is an extract of another 5years as
1.      2015    N2.311.911.80K         N3.594.27K
2.      2016             N1.299,000.00         N3.588.90K
3.      2017             N1.576.856K           N4.320.15K
4.      2018             N1.576.856.00K        N4.684.60K
5.      2019             N2.019.499.09K        N5.532.87K

(You too can earn more with my manual. Visit my websites for details):
          I have other proves to support my claim. I always have
access to money regularly, constant and sufficiently because, God, the
owner of gold and silver is my source. I get relaxed about money
because I see the world as having unlimited resources which I can earn
or attract whenever I need it. There are 1001 legitimate ways to make
BIG MONEY “Everyday Non-stop as exposed by my Instant Cash Solution”
          Dear friend, I told you earlier that my interest is in
helping others succeed. That is the more reason why I kept on sharing
the secrets of wealth to those who are lucky to be on my list. The
foresight I have has resulted in my making money every day by the
grace of God after several serious sufferings and struggles about
money will end forever. If you can follow my failed-proofed, tested
and result-oriented techniques of
Instant Cash Solution. (Daily Money Maker)
A new way of making money without stress [A Solution to cash crushes experience]
          Now, I want to share with you my secret of Daily Money
Making Non-Stop. I want to show you some of the things that I put in
place. I want to show you what to do that can quit your job very soon
or if you haven’t found a job, so you will forget about looking for
one again. I’ve created a package comprising a series of manuals and
info materials that reveal everything I did that enables me to make a
‘killing’ with these products and still earn Instant Cash Daily
          Indeed, several people that I’ve taught the amazing daily
money system which is a divine revelation are now money lenders. What
else? You’ll think it is MAGIC when money starts falling for you on a
daily basis.
          I have created a step-by-step guide that will take you by
the hand and walk you through the steps of creating wealth through
this secret system starting in the next 30days or less. Let me tell
you what’s included in this no holds barred package so you’ll have a
feel of what I’m talking about:
 How I started on Home-based income-generating business with N25, 000
and since been making an average of N3, 500 daily for the past 12
years non-stop. I make million yearly and quietly from little, little
 How I started my information products empire with just N7, 000 and
grew it to a multi-million naira business
 50 Assets you can acquire easily (excluding Okada or taxicab) and
still generate instant cash-flow non-stop with little or no-over-head
 How to be among few people to try my no Brainier Tested Daily Money
Rainfall Strategies and rake up to N1.8illion over the next 365days.
 How you can start with as little as N10, 000 and start seeing
returns in as little as 15days.
 The biggest secret to succeeding with these systems. If you don’t
know this, then your business is in trouble.
 Find out how to conquer the general proverb and belief that
money-making is not a daily affair a bold lie. This is not the truth.
 How to make every household in your community bring money to your
doorstep day and night constantly and still beg you to collect money
from them.
 How to start and operate a successful small business without
headache or burning of fingers in the process and start Experience
Daily Money rain like me
 Discover the simple tactic that will make people beg you to pay for
your products. These always work for me.
 Discover the 7 strangest secrets of Daily Money Making yet to be
discovered by Calos Slim Helu, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Aliko
Dangote, Jimoh Ibrahim, Akin Alabi, Femi Otedola and the Banks.
 If you wish to make MONEY Daily non-stop. YOU CAN. All without any
effect, no education or special experience is needed. Anyone can make
use of my method whether you are young or elderly, irrespective of
your location. My system works anywhere you can find human beings.
My program will make you RICH and it is easy and in-expressive. I
Guarantee it. Once you master my discovery, the money will start to
rain for you for life. Yes, for life ‘non-stop. It is not magic but
 Come rain and sunshine, breakdown in social life or whether it does
not stop the Instant Cash Solution (Daily Money Maker) to generate
your daily Money-Super whether there’s a riot in town, festival or
closure of operations does not stop the Cash flow, wonderful.
 How you make money on Sundays and public Holidays exposed. This is
the true inside information no one else is willing to offer you today.
     But, I’ll sincerely share with you this limited time
extraordinary once in a lifetime opportunity offers.
     And lots more that I CAN’T mention in just one email. This
package is so comprehensive that you cannot fail financially. All you
have to do is simple. Read and apply and you will start experiencing
Money Daily like Rainfall non-stop within days.
I’m sure you’re salving already and you can’t wait to receive the
package BUT WAIT.
I’m going to sweeten the deal more for you. I’ve prepared some bonuses
for you that will help you get started in no time. Take a look.
NOTE: 2 packages of bonuses come with this instant cash solution.
Either Bonus 1 – 16 OR BUNDLE OF EBOOKS (12 – 36 ebooks)
BONUS 1: Sources of free computers/Laptops that you can sell for cash
to raise capital for business: value: N3, 500.
BONUS 2:  Lifetime email consultancy with me as a Business Doctor
value: N45, 000.
BONUS 3: List of over 189 Profitable Businesses ideas/Plus the Joy of
owning a business Reports: value N2, 500.
BONUS 4: Micro-enterprises: starting your own Business (tear fund):
value N5, 000.
BONUS 5: 12 readymade products you start your business with the right
away: value N18, 500.
BONUS 6: How to attain financial success (my first publication): value N3, 000
BONUS 7: Free money sources worldwide manual: value N3, 000.
BONUS 8: Pig progress International Magazine $28.
BONUS 9: Teachings of parish Reid head (Audio) (or Agape Tape): value N2, 750.
BONUS 10:  Healthful Living Trips: (Learn to Postpone your funeral):
value N2, 500.
BONUS 11: Secrets of starting and operating small businesses with
little or no capital (C.D): value N3, 000.
BONUS 12: Discover how you can profit big from Resell Rights by frank
Salinas (value N5, 000).
BONUS 13: Moringa wealth handbook (value N3, 500).
BONUS 14: No excuses management by T.J. Rodgers (Proven systems for
managing people and resources) value N5, 000.
BONUS 15: Achieving result in the business world: Jimoh Ibrahim’s
secrets exposed value N50, 000.
BONUS 16: wealth Insight special reports (8 series) value: N30, 000,
The total value of the bonuses is worth over N150, 000 but you’ll get
it at no cost. If you order for my Instant Cash Solution (Daily Money
Maker) package (title: how to make Big Money every Daily non-stop for
life). But there is a BUT! I’ve got bad news for you.
I can’t promise I’ll reserve the super bonuses for you. You can get it
only if you order within 3 days from today. That is, quite obvious.
The bonuses alone are so precious and I know everyone will want to
have it yet we have only 100 available. So how much am I offering you
the entire package complete with the super bonuses?
Instant Cash Solution (Daily Money Maker) I can almost hear you ask.
Before I tell you my dear client, I’ll like to point out some factors
for you:
o   The value of the bonuses I’m giving you is valued at over N150, 000.
o   I charge N15, 500 for just one-hour consultation yet I’m giving
you access to me for a whole lifetime (also as, mentor and advisor)
o   I will package and send to your email anywhere you are even if I’m
on Holidays so the total value of what you will be getting is over
N220,000. Can you afford to pay me N220, 000? Well, maybe and maybe
not. I don’t know your financial strength. But I know not many people
can afford that even though it’s well worth it.
o   So as going to give it to you almost for nothing. I know that if I
give you a low price, you’ll trust me, make me your friend and even
“buy” more from in the future. Am I right? My intention is to build a
relationship, and this offer serves as a link. See how much ———-
not N220, 000. Not N150, 000 ……. Not N100, 000 ….. Not N50, 000 ………
But just for N5, 000.
‘I’m sure you can’t believe that with the only N5, 000 my package:
“Instant Cash Solution: How to Make Big Money Every Day for Life
Non-Stop Like Rainfall” (Daily Money Maker SYSTEM will be delivered to
you anywhere you are within 72 hours! But that is if you order within
5 days from now.


I know I’ve made you a great offer but I want to make it greater for
you. I want to put your mind at rest by putting the entire risk on my
I’m offering you a money-back guaranty. This means that if you are not
100% satisfied with my manual, you can return it within 30days of your
purchase. Send it back to me and that’s it, you don’t need to give me
any reason. Just a phone call or a text message and it’s done. To show
you how confident, I am, I’ll allow you to keep the super bonuses worth
over N180, 000 just to say sorry for wasting your time.


Pay into my account at any branch of Guaranty Trust Bank.[GTBANK]
Account Name: Oyejide Oyedotun Ajao
Account Number: 0030969217
*You can do bank transfer and screen short details to me as well
Then send your payment details to 08130300857, 08114122591 with your
contact address for delivery or reply to this email with your payment
details. Make sure you include in your email details like:
  Your name
  Date of payment
  Branch paid in
  Amount paid in
  Deposit slip number and any other information you think is relevant
  Email Address and Phone Number.
Once I receive your payment notification, and it is confirmed by my
bankers, I’ll send your package.
Dear friend, I’m really looking forward to helping you succeed
financially through Daily Money making strategies. I’m dutifully
standing by expecting your payment notification within the next 3
days. Our Manual, as well as the super bonuses, is waiting to be
delivered to you.
Thank you for your time.
Your friend,
Elder (Dr.) Smart  Oyedotun Oyejide
 (+2348130300857)  CEO, Dotson Stockwell (Nig) Ltd.
PS:       This is one of the easiest decisions you will ever make it’s
like exchanging a Naira for a dollar. This is the best Money.
PPS:     This is one of the craziest offers” you will ever come across.
PPPS:   Please, remember that we cannot give the bonuses to everyone,
so you have to order between now and 10 days’ time. This offer closes

 You would agree this is just a wonderfully month opening offer for Nigerians.

NOTE: Other fantastic products for your purchase……… (Buy this info –
products now)

1.     Facebook Autopilot
Money Maker… (N4, 000)
(How to start earning $50 – $300 Daily Posting Adverts on facebook free)
2.     MOBILE CASH: Get paid by 100+ corporations for using Handset or
Mobile phone. (Dollars for Blackberry & Smartphone users) price N3,
3.     FREE E-BOOKSTORE (value $50, 000): How to own FREE online store
this year become A1 BOOKSHOP owner online. (Price ….. N3, 000)
4.     VIRGIN MARKET DISCOVERED (Price N2, 500): how to represent A
South Africa group of companies in your country
7.Smart Ecommerce Profit: How to Become a Multi-Millionaire this year
Importing and Selling Hot Products [#5,000]
DOTSON ……… Helping others Achieve Success


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