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The Joy Of Owing A Business

The Joy of Having a Business in Life cannot be measured! One of the most crucial things a person must own so as to survive economically is a small business or an enterprise. (Life appears better and more enjoyable when you establish a Company of your own and operate it successfully).

 I said somewhere on 5th April, 2008 when presenting a seminar paper on the tips for starting and operating successfully small business that: “if you don’t own a business, you don’t own anything”. No person was bold enough to argue or contest my statement.

Whether you agree or not, you don’t own a business, you don’t own anything and you can’t experience the real joy of having an enterprise. Yes, whatever we own gives us joy. They make us feel somehow. If you have a good car, you experience the joy attached to owning or riding a good car. If you are saved or born again as a Christian, you experience the joy of salvation.

Whatever you have will give you joy. But what you don’t have, you can’t experience the joy of owning it. Therefore, I refer to the joy of owning a business as one of the best joys that an individual can experience. Those who own small businesses like me will agree with that fact. Whereas who don’t own a will any enterprises will ignore the statement! Joy is more than joy, some joy are far better.

If our wealth will be a sure banker, then we must own a venture. If you have business and still complain about money, then you are yet to master the act of money making in the real sense of it or you are just a beginner in business.

Nobody should be too poor as not to own a business. The rich own businesses that are the more reason why they became and remain rich. Therefore, if you must be rich, the criterion is that you must own a business of yours directly or indirectly. I am yet to come across any rich man in Nigeria or elsewhere who does not own a business -venture. You have to be involved in something tangible to be rich in the world today.

Business is one of the best routes to money making. In fact, I can say emphatically that business is about money making. Money making cannot do without business.

For your life experience to be enterprising, eventful and interesting, you must be involved in business. And as a matter of fact, we are all involved in one business or the other. A pastor or imam is involved in the business of God. Whereas, a civil – servant is involved in public service or government business. A factory worker is involved in business. The taxi driver is also doing the business of transportation. You are either in your own business as an entrepreneur or self-employed graduate working for money or in other people’s business. There is no exemption. We are all into business.

Like Aliko Dangote or Richard Branson of Virgin Group. I am a business man myself. I am proud of it and I wish you are like me so that you can experience the same joy that I am having presently. Owning a business is a recommended dose for anybody that wants to create wealth. You cannot minus business from wealth creation. Creating wealth is a business itself. Earning or spending money without involving oneself in any productive activity is a crime that must be urgently arrested.

Those who don’t have business or are not involved in any business are cog in the wheel of progress.

 Indeed, everybody should be deeply involved in one form of business or the other if we actually want our nation to develop industrially and create wealth for all in the year 2020.

Business is good for you. It is good for all. Business is good for those who desire to make profit through the provision of goods and services that add value to human existence. Business is relevant to our existence. Without business in particular, we shall not be productive and life experience will be bleak and empty. Business keeps the world going and growing. We should see business in the right perspective.

Business is not a dirty game like politics, but rather a crucial baby that must be nurtured to maturity. Business is any venture, job, trade vocation career or profession in which you invest time, skill and money and which provides you economic livelihood in return.

Business has always played an important role in the economy. The bedrock of any economy is business or enterprises. The sure way or certainty to wealth creation and employment opportunities for the masses is by having businesses created by people!

 It is a source of revenue to the government. Business offers a wide variety of choices for the consumers. Those who start or own businesses in life are money-wise and risk foolish too!

Business consumes and converts national resources; manpower and other factors of production available in the economy into judicious use. Yes, without the development of the small and medium scale enterprises, there is no way that the economy can move forward in terms of industrialization.

Business is a risk with money attached. The risk drives the weak and poor away from getting involved in it. But the bold and courageous see the risk as a challenge and eventually turn the risk to money and wealth.

If you must make money out of any Business, you need to conquer the risk involved. Underneath the risk in business lies the wealth. But you must be prepared to dig deep enough.

The joy of owning a Business is never hidden. Those who engaged in business and are successful will never tell you that business is bad, even without saying it; the evidence is there to show their achievements. The type of house they live in, the brand of cars they ride and the private schools their children attended; plus the status and recognition accorded them in society are more than enough to convince one that business is a good career to venture into.

Without be – laboring yourself to study for PhD after the basic education, you can be awarded an honorary Doctorate Degree by the university. Yes, just be successful in business. A successful Business man will have it all; universities will run after them to get them awarded. What a better route? If you can endeavor to bear all the pains of Business, you will enjoy all the gains including that of politics faster than imagined.

Whatever you want to be in life, first be a business man thereafter, be rest assured that all other things will follow if you can be patient enough.

 Aliko Dangote cannot deny these assertions of mine either will Bill Gates or Jimoh Ibrahim, say it is nonsense.

You better take the bull by the horns and turn your ideas into money. Join the league of business owners now. I know several people who have prayed and wished to be like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Aliko Dangote, Henry Ford or Jimoh Ibrahim of NICON/Global, Fleet Group, to mention but few.

 It is a great thing under heaven to establish and own a business. It is one of the greatest joys to be self-employed so as to be financially independent.

That was the experience of Jimoh Ibrahim who has made fame and fortune out of business as a result of his strong determination. At a stage in his life, he swore and vowed to himself that if five years after his graduation from Obafemi Awolowo University, he did not become a millionaire, and he would return his certificate to the university.

Without any doubt, Jimoh Ibrahim is a young billionaire of our time, with his acquisition of NICON Insurance, EAS (NICON) airline and the spread of his downstream oil marketing outfit, Energy filling stations-across the country. Jimoh Ibrahim will soon be quoted on Forbes list of world wealthiest persons anytime he gets his fleet of companies quoted on the floor of the Nigerian Stock Exchange.

That is what I am saying, if you understand how to operate business successfully well, it will take you far in life more so if you are not far from God’s direction. You too can be next Jimoh Ibrahim, Micheal Dell, Sharon Linder or Robert Kaechew. Just go into Business and experience the waiting joy thereafter.

However, if you are not doing your own business, you’ll be very busy doing another person Business, now which one is better? I shall not serve my enemy! The best service is the one you render to God and yourself. If you must serve under people, it should be for a while not for life. It is the best option for any reasonable and ambitious person.

Look, don’t limit your chances of wealth creation. Strive now and always to be self employed. It is the best you can be. It is the best to be. It is what took Aliko Dangote to where he is today. The same thing happened to Micheal Adenuga and the rest of them.

You can stand on your own and experience the joy of an entrepreneur. Be self employed, start a trade today. Dare the devil. You have a destiny. The mandate must be accomplished by you on time. Wake up the giant in you now.

Therefore, stay out of the crowd today. Stay out of the labor ward. Start small enterprises of yours now and become an employer of labor sooner than later.

The list of the world richest people does not include workers on fixed salary and allowances. Destinies are not fulfilled when you are a servant. No servant is ever crowned except by chance. To be poor, is never a good destiny. The best thing is to employ yourself and operate your own business.

Years back, Oba Otudeko, Chairman of Honeywell Group of Companies left former Cooperative Bank, now Skye Bank Plc as vice chairman to venture on his own. You can see today what God has made him to be through his various investments and ventures. You too may be limiting your chance of wealth creation and success if you delay further off or fail to consider a Business of your own now.

Aliko Dangote started his trading with N500, 000 and 20 years after, his assets grew to over N 500 billion. Today, he is enjoying the freedom and all fringe benefits of an entrepreneur.

 It is now your turn to experience the joy of owning a business. What else are you waiting for?

 Dr,Smart Oyejide is Business Startup Expert and financial Advisor, You can reach him for more business info@


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